Venkataraghavan Hegde

I was brought up in a place where to catch a bus I needed to walk for 5km. I belong to a lower middle-class family with agriculture as the sole source of income. My parents made sure that we got 3 meals a day.

In my 4th standard, I came across this question in a classroom exercise, “What do you want to become in life?” I still remember with clarity that I wrote I wanted to become an engineer. And I worked hard to get a good ranking in state CET exams (1315), and this assured me an engineering seat in the prestigious BMS College of engineering. However, the job was not done yet as one question was unanswered “How do I pay the fees and meet the accommodation expenses?”

The rays of hope started sparkling for me when I got accepted for the scholarship with FFE and my mind became clear with the sense of relief. Their assistance didn’t end with just the tuition, they also offer invaluable guidance. If asked to say the best thing about FFE, I would say it’s not just the money but the money with proper guidance and advice that was provided by them. I was fortunate to have Dr. N R Ramesh as my facilitator.

Today I’m working as an engineer at Delhi Automotive System Private Ltd. I’m able to manage the expenses of my own sister who is currently studying engineering. After her education, I look forward to bearing the expenses for more brothers and sisters from the FEE family.