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Foundation For Excellence Glimpses- 18 Oct, 2015

FFE’s Annual fundraiser, held in Palo Alto aimed to bring community supporters together to contribute to the Foundations’ cause. Watch Keynote speaker Mr. Manoj Bhargava talk about his personal philanthropy through his foundation,“ The Hans Foundation”  (THF), that has partnered with FFE to fund students in Uttarakhand. FFE’s Founder Dr. Prabhu Goel, ex-President Venk Shukla…

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Sudha Kidao – Foundation for Excellence India Trust (FFE)

Hear FFE’s Managing Trustee, Dr. Sudha Kidao reach out to all of FFE’s stakeholders- students, alumni volunteers and donors for the important role each one plays in building and sustaining the cause of FFE and the importance of making it a self-sustaining organization.

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Partnering to Transform 2015

Expanding our network across North India, we work with The Hans Foundation (THF) in Uttarakhand where 100 talented students across the state are recipients of the THF-FFE scholarship.

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