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Volunteer Activities

To volunteer for any of these activities,  please email with your details and area of interest.

Community Outreach

The goals of FFE’s  community outreach efforts are to create awareness and to seek support for FFE and its mission in various organizational groups including social and cultural organizations, corporate groups, alumni associations, professional and other networks.

Scholarship Program Facilitators (India only)

Volunteers described as Facilitators play a key role in the implementation of the Scholarship Program. A Facilitator is expected to identify eligible students for scholarships in a local region, help verify academic and economic status, mentor students and their family, and continue to be a liaison to the student during and after the degree program, beyond graduation.

Regional Chapters in US and India

Chapters provide opportunities for volunteers to get involved in supporting and growing the Foundation’s mission on a localized basis. Chapters can be set up by geographic areas to help amplify and raise awareness of the cause while focusing on fundraising for future FFE Scholars.