Our Mission

The mission of FFE is to provide scholarships to exceptionally bright students who have financial constraints, enabling them to achieve professional success as Engineers and Doctors.

We fund talented students and help them pursue sought-after courses in India. Their exceptional academic performance has helped them gain admission to the most reputed Engineering & Medical colleges in India. They have proved to be role models in the community, inspiring others to pursue this path.

Circle of Giving

FFE’s scholars pledge to support at least two scholars whenever able, ensuring that the
“Circle of Giving” continues. This self-sustaining model ensures longevity of the program and its mission.

FFE Scholar graduate as professionals

FFE Alumni sponsors at least 2 new scholars

Student applies for scholarship

Student eligibility verified

FFE grants scholarship

FFE's Uniqueness

All individual donor contributions are directed entirely to the scholarship

Self-sustaining model: FFE’s alumni pledge to support at least two FFE scholars

“Giving” promoted among FFE scholars

FFE scholars become role models for their families, communities and peers

Leveraging the alumni network beneficial for students and the Foundation

FFE alumni contribute their time, talent and money to FFE