FFE Open House Chennai – 84 Scholarships Worth Rs 30 Lakhs Awarded

The Chennai Open House was a unique event organized by the Foundation For Excellence (FFE) in Chennai on 23rd October 2018.Held at MIT, Chennai (Madras Institute of Technology-Chromepet), the event witnessed a turnout of about 300 individuals which included Engineering and Medical scholars, alumni, facilitators, volunteers and eminent guests. 250 young scholarship recipients who represent the new India participated in this event, along with FFE alumni and volunteer Facilitators.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sudha Kidao, Managing Trustee, FFE India Trust said, “In twenty-four years, FFE has helped over 18,500 scholars across 27 states in India, changing their lives for posterity; over 52,000 scholarships have been awarded, amounting to Rs. 110 Crore, since FFE’s inception in 1994.”

In Tamil Nadu alone, scholarships worth Rs. 23 Crores have been awarded to 4115 students since 1994; of these, 1987 women and 2128 men have successfully pursued their professional degrees in Engineering and Medicine.

“The primary objective is to bring about a transformation in the lives of students and their families, and that is achieved when students gain employment. FFE today prepares students for their future through a skills training program along with mentoring, that augments the scholarship. Preparing students for their careers by acquiring the necessary skills sets demanded by industry along with financial help makes FFE’s Scholarship unique”, remarked Dr. Sudha Kidao.

She also highlighted FFE’s Self-sustainability model and the “Circle of Giving’’, where FFE scholars pledge to “pay forward” to support at least 2 students through donations to the Foundation.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest, Mr. Gopal Srinivasan, Chairman & MD- TVS Capital Funds Pvt. Ltd. congratulated students for their excellent performance despite hardships they faced. He narrated examples of “giving” by citing the Founder of MIT, Mr. Rajam and Dr. Prabhu Goel, FFE Founder whose generosity had impacted several lives. He also praised volunteers of FFE who played an important role in identifying and mentoring students. Mr. Srinivasan praised FFE’s ‘pay-forward’ model and encouraged students to actively participate in the “Circle of Giving” and to grow and sustain the organization and give back to society.

Mr. Gopal Srinivasan awarded scholarships to 84 Engineering and Medical students amounting to Rs. 30 Lakhs. The event heard testimonials from scholarships awardees and alumni whose lives had been impacted greatly through timely financial assistance.

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