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About the program

The Comprehensive Skills Training Program at FFE is implemented over a 3-year period to identify and bridge the gap between curriculum and Industry expectations. This has brought a major impact on the development of interpersonal and Industry required technical skills of scholars thus enabling a smooth transition from Campus to Corporate.

From the year 2017, FFE engineering scholars go through the intensive Beyond scholarship program that focuses on communication, logical and analytical skills, technical upskilling, and areas to work on for the recruitment process – handling Interviews and written tests.

The placements’ quality and pace have improved from pre- to post skilling intervention. The Avg. Salaries of the batches doubled post skilling interventions and also students acquiring jobs with better compensation were observed.

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Our Programs

Employability Assessments

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Employability assessment is a 3rd party vendor assessment that evaluates scholars based on your skills and your readiness to join the Corporate Workforce. This is an AI-based computer adaptive test which evaluates job applicants on critical areas like communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills, and job-specific domain skills thus helping recruiters identify the suitability of a candidate for different job roles.

Scholars are offered the AMCAT assessments at the end of 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year as Baseline, Midline, and Endline assessments. Every module of the assessment has a cut off based on the industry standards, and scholars who fall below the cut off are given the necessary trainings. At the end of 1st year, scholars take the Baseline assessment that identifies those who needs improvement in English/ Aptitude or both programs. Towards the end of 2nd year, post the English and Aptitude interventions, scholars take up the Midline assessment to check if they have improved in Communication & Aptitude skills. At the end of 3rd year, right before placements, scholars take the Endline assessments to gear up for campus recruitments.

Communication skills

Basic Communication Skills Training

The App-based English Learning Program is a 6 months course that aims to bridge the communication gap and equip scholars with the necessary skills required to communicate confidently. The program covers important aspects of communication in the English language like grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, listening exercises, etc. The content is delivered in the form of lessons, quizzes, and tests.

Advanced Communication Skills

This is a very comprehensive, mentor-based English training program, that facilitates scholars to be mentored by a trainer over the phone every week on various topics based on interest and likes. The focus of these sessions is to improve spoken English, vocabulary, sentence formation, and body language where the mentor provides feedback and tips after every session to enhance communication.

Interview skills training

Aptitude Program

Students take the 5-month Aptitude Learning Program that focuses on improving Logical Reason, Quantitative ability and Analytical skills. Periodical evaluation of students on the performances by regular quizzes, solving puzzle enable scholars to perform well when tested for aptitude skills. Mentors are available in live sessions to support on logical questions and clarify doubts on approaching problems. The course focuses to improve the ability of scholars to apply basics to solve complex situations

Mock Interviews

Opportunities for Mock Interviews are provided towards the end of the 3rd year of Engineering, to better prepare students for interviews for internships and jobs, before they start the final year of engineering. Students take 3 Mock interviews- 2 Technical interviews & 1 HR interview where industry experts interview scholars to give an insight into the expectations of the industry from a fresher.

Technical Skilling


A major gap has been observed between the Engineering curriculum in Colleges and Industry expectations. Considering the limited job opportunities in the core sector (Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering), FFE scholars will benefit greatly through training by Coursera to technical modules

IBM Skill Build Program

Innovation Camps by IBM for Computer Science and IT scholars on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Front end Development, Data analytics & so on. This is a project-oriented learning with live mentor sessions and master classes.

Skill Lync

A year-long pilot program for technical reskilling of Mechanical & Civil Engineering scholars with access to contents developed by 850+ Industry experts.


Non-Cognitive Skills training

FLY – (Finding the Leader in You) Program

The FLY program teaches non-cognitive skills that are of value in the personality and character development of students. The FLY program evolved directly out of the 5 Pillars of the Competitiveness Mindset -Conscientiousness, Taking Initiative, Perseverance, Innovativeness, Problem Solving. This program is highly interactive, self-discovery, participatory, and practice-oriented courses.

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