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Inspire young minds with skills and confidence to last a lifetime!

Scholars from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds often lack the exposure and opportunities to build critical skills that make them job-ready and prepared for the future. Through the Mentorship Program, Mentors play a significant role in the lives of FFE scholars who are often First-Generation learners. Since 2017, FFE’s Mentorship Program has helped shape the future of over 3000 scholars, transforming their dreams into reality through this mentoring engagement. A well-crafted Mentorship Program has helped many scholars to enter corporates with their heads held high.

Join us as a Mentor to be a changemaker in the lives of bright young minds.

Assistance beyond scholarship support

Join us as a Mentor & be the change in the lives of Young Minds

Improve soft skills

Build Critical skills

practical advice, encouragement and support

Improving their social network

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