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We Fund Higher Education & Skilling For Employability Of Bright Students

Quality education and access is one of the biggest challenges that India’s youth face today; poverty and its associated burden often prevents access to education at all levels and in many cases, lack of education can trap families in the cycle of poverty. Many of India’s youth, with the lack of access to higher education, are also ill equipped to join industry due to glaring employability skill gaps that exist, particularly for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

At FFE, we recognize that the disparity in accessing the higher education by marginalized communities can only be reduced when the corporates join hands, with a ‘Collective Social Responsibility’ mindset. For the last 28 years, FFE has been working to accomplish the mission of helping economically underprivileged and academically bright students in India by raising funds globally and leveraging its CSR partnerships to address the problem at the root. Through providing merit-cum-means scholarships combined with Skills training for employability and Mentoring, FFE aims to transform their lives in a single generation


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What we do

Help economically underprivileged and academically bright students in India accomplish their goals of pursuing higher education through

Financial support

Award merit-cum-means Scholarships to students, pursuing their higher studies in Engineering (BE/BTech) & Medical (MBBS), Law and Pharmacy (Bpharm) in India. The support is provided for all the 4/5 years of graduation depending on the stream

Employability Skills

The Comprehensive Program is implemented over a 3-year period to identify and bridge the gap between curriculum and Industry expectations. This helps develop interpersonal and Industry required technical skills thus enabling a smooth transition from Campus to Corporate


The Mentorship Program is specifically developed for third year FFE scholars support to help them acquire skills that are necessary for building a foundation for a good career. This is a 1:1 Mentoring with experienced professional from the industry


Why Choose FFE as your CSR implementation partner?

FFE works closely with the corporates to understand their CSR goals and help them identify, design, implement and monitor programmes with tangible outcomes. Our long-term strategic partnerships have been built around integrating sustainability at the heart of its program model.

FFE’s partnerships with CSR Initiatives allow for co-branding, sustained employee engagement through mentoring, internships, workshops, and employee referral initiatives, training sessions and pro-bono support. These associations are built on the foundation of good governance practices, credibility, and transparency, ensuring seamless execution of the CSR projects with tangible outcomes.

  • Registered under u/s 12A(a) of the IT Act, 1961, and under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation Act), 1976 (FCRA)
  • Registered on the MCA21 portal as mentioned in rule 4(1) of the Companies (CSR Policy) Rules, 2014.
  • CSR registration number – CSR00002053
  • GuideStar Gold Certification
  • Recipient of many awards and recognitions
  • Tax exempted donations in India as well as in US
  • More than 80 Corporates and Foundations as partners

For the last 28 years, FFE has been implementing a well-established Scholarship Program ensuring agile and transparent employment of the corporates’ CSR funds across 28 states and 4 Union Territories. FFE is today the largest scholarship granting organization in India, with a pan-India presence in the higher education space making a transformational difference through scholarships and beyond.

Our extensive network ensures partnership with grassroot organization to achieve the best outcomes. FFE works closely with numerous NGO’s (26+) who work with government schools throughout India. FFE is partnering with schools, colleges, and coaching institutes who are working with potential beneficiaries. They constitute FFE’s Feeder network that helps spread awareness and reach among students.  FFE also leverages its large volunteer base (800+), alumni (4,000+), to expand its footprint nationally.

FFE’s project implementation plans are well defined with definite timelines and are implemented electronically, helping to streamline processes. We work with an ecosystem of stakeholders through robust outreach initiatives to ensure that the Scholarship Program is made accessible to the most deserving and needy scholars. Timely monitoring and evaluation is ensured through a combination of technology and personalized reporting, while ensuring 100 percent compliance and transparency.

Over the years, FFE has done multiple co-branded campaigns with many reputed companies helping them promote their CSR initiatives and sensitize their stakeholders towards the cause. By engaging at a strategic level, rather than just tactical, FFE helps build corporates a legacy that continues long into the future. A well-established track record based on mutually agreed value proposition, FFE helps improve brand’s social license and accelerate its CSR growth.

FFE works closely with the brands and their promotional channels to share the success stories, highlight major milestones, and demonstrate impact while achieving value creation and the Social Return on Investment (SRoI).

FFE Corporate Partners

Strong & Deep partnerships with corporates across sectors 

Ways to Partner with us

Partner with us to fund the program, create employee engagement and volunteering and pro bono opportunities within the existing framework to encourage your employees’ philanthropic efforts.

Adopt a Scholar

Our Corporate Sponsors can fund The Education of several FFE Scholars Under An “Adopt A Scholar” Program that matches students to sponsors. Through this program, a Corporate sponsor can fund the education of bright and needy students based on eligibility as per FFE’s Scholarship Policy. The commitment is to sponsor the education of the same student until completion of the degree program (4 years for Engineering and BPharm; 5 years for Medicine and Law).

Employee Engagement

Give your employees the opportunity to make lasting change in the lives academically brilliant students from underprivileged families by augmenting and enhancing their chances of success to gain employment as professionals and bring about economic upliftment to their families. Employees may support by volunteering their time through one-on-one mentoring sessions, giving job readiness trainings, participating in company’s matching donation drives and referring eligible students for the programs.

Pro Bono support

FFE’s highly effective operations are enabled through a robust technology-based platform enabling small team to execute the program on a national level with the ability to scale, track and report performances, and coordinate activities among the vast multi-stakeholder community of scholars, donors, volunteers, and institutional partners. Given FFE’s programs are managed through a robust technology platform for successful and efficient program implementation, recurring technology updates are mandatory.

Workplace Giving/Matching donations

Many companies match charitable donations made by their employees. This is a fantastic way to multiply your donation to FFE. When a company implements a Matching Program, they not only encourage their employees’ philanthropy, but also increase the impact of each individual contribution by matching and multiplying it.

If your company has a Matching Gifts Program, pls. let us know.



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