FFE as a Catalyst

FFE acts as a catalyst that changes the lives of academically brilliant students. Though more than able to succeed with intellect alone, financial constraints have , in many instances, limited their potential and restricted the good they can accomplish for their families, communities and country. Through FFE’s scholarships, a wave of possibility and positivity is created that breaks the cycle of hopelessness, and launches them into a path of excellence, hope and prosperity.


FFE awards scholarships to promising students who are extremely bright and talented, but come from financially constrained backgrounds. These scholarships are granted to students who have not only scored in the top percentage of Technology, Engineering and Medical state and national entrance exams, but have also been accepted to highly regarded and reputed institutions in India.

Not Just Financial Need

In addition to financial support, FFE augments the scholarship program, with soft skills training and upskilling opportunities for Engineering students, preparing them for their careers. Many FFE donors, particularly corporate employee volunteers and alumni provide individual mentorship (focused on employability skill) and advice. As one scholar said, “No one in my family ever went to college or worked in an office. Without the mentorship I received from FFE, I never would have found my place in the corporate world.

Keep Track of Our Progress

Thanks to generous donations from people, companies, and other non-profit organizations in both the USA and India, we have been able to accomplish and grow in the 25 years we’ve been around. Here is some of the progress we’ve made so far.

  • $ 31.05
    million dollars raised
  • 71330
    scholarships given
  • 500+
  • 27
    states covered in India

The Circle of Giving

FFE’s alumni pledge to support at least two scholars whenever able, ensuring that the “Circle of Giving” continues. This self-sustaining model ensures longevity of the Program and its mission to transform the lives of underprivileged students and their families.

  • 1 student applies for scholarship
  • 2 student eligibility verified
  • 3 FFE grants scholarship
  • 4 scholar graduates as a professional
  • 5 alumnus sponsors at least will support scholars in the future with their own contribution