Volunteers for Chapters

Chapters provide opportunities for volunteers to get involved in supporting the Foundation's mission on a localized basis. Chapters can be set by geographic areas, in corporate organizations, with alumni associations, and other forms.

The main purposes for establishing FFE chapters are to:
  • Promote and create awareness for FFE's mission
  • Raise funds and other forms of support
  • Support the scholarship and other programs of activities

To achieve these objectives, chapters can engage in a variety of activities. Examples of such activities include:

  • Planning, organizing and implementing vents hosted by chapters
  • Participating in events of local organizations
  • Conducting direct and email campaigns

Volunteers interested in opening an FFE chapter in their geographic area, company or alumni association or other forums, can contact the FFE office : USA - ffevolunteers@gmail.com, India - shekharsastri@ffe.org )